Centro Medico Veterinario de Guaynanabo – An AAHA Accredited Veterinary Practice!

As a companion, friend, and confidante, your pet is an important part of the family. Like any other family member, your small animal deserves the finest possible health care. The AAHA, founded in 1933, supports the efforts of veterinarians throughout the world and establishes exacting standards of veterinary practice for its members. AAHA fosters professionalism and excellence in all phases of hospital operations. To become an AAHA-acredited hospital, we at Centro Medico Veterinario de Guaynabo (CMVDG) must comply with AAHA’s unique list of standards for hospital services and facilities in 12 specific areas.

Centro Medico Veterinario de Guaynabo has successfully passed AAHA evaluation and has achieved accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association.

CMVDG holds a place of honor within the Association and the profession. Only 15% of the veterinary practices throughout the USA and Canada and Puerto Rico have made the commitment to voluntarily participate in an on-site evaluation based on the highest standards in veterinary medicine.

CMVDG was evaluated on over 900 standards, proving a strong desire to provide high-quality medicine and top-notch client service.

A specially trained AAHA practice consultant recently visited our hospital for a thorough evaluation of our facilities and procedures. AAHA hospital members meet more than 260 individual standards in the following areas:

  • AAHA_tC_2Orderly and Adequate Medical Records
  • Complete Diagnostic Facilities
  • Complete Pharmacy Facilities
  • Proper Anesthesia Procedures
  • Modern Surgery Facilities
  • Nursing Care
  • Proper Maintenance and Houskeeping
  • Emergency Service
  • Dental Service

Unfortunately, there is little money available from the government or large foundations to study diseases that affect companion animals. For that reason, the AAHA Foundation provides funding for research aimed at improving small animal health and welfare through veterinary medicine. In the last decade alone, the AAHA Foundation has collected more than $440,000 to support nearly 150 clinical studies. To learn more about the AAHA, please feel free to inquire with our staff at Centro Medico Veterinario de Guaynabo and  visit the AAHA web site. This is an additional resource for you to continually learn more about your favorite companion.