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Pet Insurance & Payment Policy

We strive to keep your pet healthy and happy for his or her entire lifetime, but unfortunately, there are certain things you just can’t plan for or predict. Major illnesses or injuries are always unexpected, and unfortunately, like many veterinary practices, we often see responsible pet owners struggle with the costs associated with treating these conditions. Pet insurance is one way pet owners deal with these unexpected costs. We recommend Trupanion pet insurance for our clients.

Trupanion medical insurance for your pet

  • Trupanion offers simple and effective protection for the high risk and high cost of unexpected accidents and illnesses that go above and beyond the routine care that can be planned and budgeted for.
  • If your pet becomes sick or injured, Trupanion pays 90% of the actual cost of treatment. This includes surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications and hospital stays as well as therapeutic pet foods and dietary supplements purchased through our hospital.